Because Relationships Matter™.

We define a living business relationship™ as a relationship that is continually evolving and changing based on each parties natural development.

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Delivering professional services does not mean blindly processing information and billing our clients for this. MCPA Services Inc. believes that the start of all professional services involves dynamic in-depth knowledge of the client and their business coupled with timely and accurate application of technical knowledge. The ongoing living business relationship™ is at the heart of all our services.

Our Services


Compliance with the ever-changing tax laws requires in-depth knowledge of the rules and how they apply to everyday business and personal transactions. Relying on us as your professional tax advisor ensures you are partnered with professionals looking out for your best interest.


Accounting is more than just a data entry function. Accounting requires competent knowledge of current Canadian generally accepted accounting principles whether it is for a sole proprietor business, private company owned by a husband and wife, or public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Our job is to ensure all accounting services are executed in compliance with these standards.


Our advisory services essentially provide you with a business partner who has the financial strategic experience and knowledge to help you reach your business and personal goals.


We recognize that to be a true professional services firm, our tax, accounting and consulting services must be fully integrated; they must work together in perfect harmony. The integration aspect of our services works holistically with our living business relationship™ emphasis.

Fee Structure Description

Our fees are based purely on the professional services we deliver; no less and no more. They mainly comprise fixed fees and hourly fees depending on the engagement involved. We strive to keep to our fees as low as possible by utilizing technology and other industry experience efficiencies to ensure lean overheard and a lean invoice. If you are shopping around for the lowest priced professional accounting firm, you will, if not always, get what you pay for as many of our existing clients came to us after their negative experiences at the local ‘tax stores’ or non-designated accounting offices.

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We offer an online credit card payment system currently accepting VISA and MasterCard. Feel secure in using our online payment system through EVO Canada Payment Gateway link.

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Start your application process by filling out the Contact form below. In the message box, please describe your professional accounting experience, why you think you would be a good fit for our team, and how your client service and technical competency skills will help you become successful in this role.

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